Movie Review: SpiderMan Homecoming

imagesWhen I first watch the trailer I thought wow! this is going to be so cool because it was super funny and there is a scene in the trailer where Spidey is trying to not let the sliced in half ship sink into the water so therefore I myself went to see the movie in theaters and lined up with so many people who will also see SpiderMan. After watching the movie I realized that it wasn’t that super cool but only cool for me because maybe Spidey in the movie is just a 15 year old kid who was just trying to proves himself to the world that he is also a marvel hero but honestly his enemy there is like a total loser who only have some kind of technological wings and equipment which it did not amazed me when they are fighting. And there is also a part where Iron Man said when he confiscate the suit of Spidey and said that if he’s nothing without the suit, then he shouldn’t have it. I mean it’s ridiculous because he himself is also nothing without the suit and he is trying to prove a point to Peter even though we all know he’s the netizen’s favorite in the marvel heroes right now. Overall, the movie is too normal but I like the characters of how they are super smart there and of course, the humors of every funny scenes. I love also the portrayer because guess they didn’t know I have fetish for British guys especially with their accents and Tom Holland who is only 19 or 20 who also have abs is so perfect for my fetish. Hahaha! But I guess go also see it it’s suitable for teenagers and for superhero wannabes.

Shoujo Manga Review: Kimi Wa Kawaii Onnanoko


This is hella cute! 100% feels and super cute. I kinda remembered Hiyokoi and Kimi ni Todoke in this manga. A girl who lack of confidence because she is way too skinny and short that sometimes people are mistaking her as a middle school student like Hiyorin of Hiyokoi and there’s this guy like any other shoujo prince who is popular and has a kind heart like Kazehaya Shota of Kimi ni Todoke. Too heartwhelming and doki doki ❤ This is still ongoing but you should try reading it! I also like the drawing because sometimes I am picky when it comes to the art of drawing a manga but overall this 10/10 yay cheers!

Tv Series Review: Stranger Things

6f1c7f40664543.5787e03bf042c.jpgI should say this is one of my favorite TV series. How did Stranger Things attract my attention? I read the plot summary in IMDB and watched the trailer and I swear if you watch this you wouldn’t regret it. This is suitable for people who loves sci-fi but honestly that was not my reason why I watched this until the end. It’s because the whole content of the story is enthralling and I can’t explain it through words figuratively but I suggest that you should watch it. I am not telling you but I am demanding you. I don’t really understand why other people find it boring but I don’t care I won’t be rating this as 101/100 if it isn’t so maybe I should tell you a little bit of the story to enlighten you (I will not spoil you, don’t worry). The story is in the classics of 80’s. Maybe that’s why others don’t like it because it’s historical but in my opinion the way they take the setting is lit. I mean how can they pull off a tv series combining a sci-fi thriller story in a historical setting right? So back to the story. The series has a different story perspective of every main characters living in the town of Hawkins but if you connect the cases together it will lead to the main problem they are trying to solve. It all started from the disappearance of Will Byers and then a shaved head girl who appeared out of nowhere and was found by the friends of Will while they are searching for him and the mystery continues.

Book Review: Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

Since You've Been GoneSince You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ll probably do this to my best friend and disappear like Emily did because I’m inspired after reading this book. This is overall romantic and perfect! You’ll fall in love with Sloane and Frank ❤

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This is one of my best young adult romance novels! It delivers me the right kind of feeling of being a teenager and I tell you the love interest of the main character is sooooo hot that I myself even can’t explain why he is gorgeous throughout the story probably because he sexily helps Sloane in doing crazy things that Emily wants. Okay, but seriously shoutout to all the girls who loves cliche so much! Well girl, this is the right book for you. Friendship and finding true love ❤

Anime Review: Ajin

77968This is probably one of the action animes that brings my otaku spirit back. The plot story is really interesting. It kinda reminds me of Tokyo Ghoul because Rei and Kai reminds me of Kaneki and Hide, both heroine who has a best friend and accepts them no matter what they are. Also, both main characters of Ajin and Tokyo Ghoul is trying to adjust their new life of being not a human anymore and resolving if becoming immortal is for their own good. If Kaneki is a ghoul, Rei, the heroine of the story is an Ajin, a dangerous inhuman beings that people consider their existence as a big threat to humanity so the government are capturing Ajins and help them live in a safe environment and separate them from humans but they are actually using them as a subject for cruel experimentation torturing them again and again. While watching this you wouldn’t expect where the story might goes. It is a full of twist and it is somewhat cool when Kei is beginning to improve on how to use his Ajin powers not knowing he would be the most powerful Ajin that the government want to use him as a great subject.

iKON: Next Generation Bigbang

iKON5.jpgThis group is underrated since the CEO of YG has been throwing them in Japan to promote their group rather than in Korea. These boys had been through a lot since they’ve faced two survival shows before they became an idol. The reason why I said they will become the next generation Bigbang because first, I saw their styles and potentials for replacing the Kings of Kpop. Secondly, their genre is hiphop which is similar to Bigbang and the rappers in the group had been in Show Me The Money Season 3, a another survival show that they joined again for hiphop rappers and luckily the main rapper in iKON won the show and the lead rapper did his best until the semi-finals. Lastly, they have REAL talents! Almost all of their songs are dope and was composed by their own leader so I can’t believe they are underrated in Korea and they are very hardworking and doing their best to make their group stand out. Gladly, they release their new comeback and it is freaking amazing. If you love getting hype and crazy listen to their new songs or even try listening to their past songs they are great. I’m a bit disappointed because they lack in popularity in their own country that’s why their rating in music shows are not that good but I hope netizens realized iKON are way too much better of an average boy group if you get to know them deeply. At the moment, thank God they are now promoting in Korea and doing some TV shows and guestings so I must say this is their one of the steps of becoming a great kpop boy group that will leave mark in kpop history.

Manga Review: Smokin’ Parade

smokin-parade-6222583.jpgFrom the author of Deadman Wonderland and Eureka Seven another new manga was released. The story is about a fifteen year-old boy who has a disabled sister but she was cured by some medical technology which their body parts or human organs will be transplanted by some kind of a machine so as the story goes on, what people don’t know about this medical technology transplant stuff that serve them as a hope is it all turns out to be a plot against humans to take possession of its host and making them into evil killing machine. As the heroine finds the main reason behind this transplant thingy, he joined a task force who are also not in favor in this kind of taking over humanity situation. Overall, while reading this it got me chills and even though the manga is still ongoing you’ll have the urge to bug the author to update a new chapter.

TV Series Review: Riverdale

riverdaleposter If you love or familiar with Archie Comics, you’ll fall in love with this series because it was based from the comic itself but the storyline is darker and way more brooding than the comic you used to know. The story is about a group of friends who is trying to find out who killed Jason Blossom, a popular jock like any high school cliche who leaves a big impact of the series. You could say that his role is the most important because it revolves around him and their town Riverdale changes after his death. Why did I fell in love with this series? You’ll finish the whole series out of curiosity and getting attached to the main characters. Especially, Jughead Jones who is portrayed by Cole Sprouse. He’s not the same Disney kid anymore rather than his character here is more manly and more of a heartthrob poet who started making a novel of Jason Blossom’s death and the narrator of the series. We also have here who completed the Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew’s friends: Archie Andrews the jock who has a secret passion in music, Betty Cooper the typical girl next door and Veronica Lodge the new girl. These four are the heroine of the whole series and I won’t spoil you anything about the series and I suggest you should start watching it right  now or you’ll regret it.